Our idea of it all…

To call it by its name: the Tannerhof is complicated
and confusing as it cruises along hotel,
health, organic gourmet cuisine, diet, art and nature.
We don’t necessarily make things easy to pinpoint
for our guests, but neither for ourselves,
let alone those tourism experts, hotel classifiers,
booking portals or holiday platforms.

Because what the Tannerhof came to be over the decades
is offbeat, its history is almost lyrical.
Today, this place is ambiguous, artistic and endearing.
It is holiday, health, fasting. It is 5-course gourmet menues,
rooms with 9(!) to 36m², Chalet Towers and Cottages.
It is the onstage highclass culture programme
and the offstage savoir vivre.




Health resort


Re-Sort yourself


and embracing the essentials. That is inviting true
affluence. Fasting = experiencing deeply touching,
gratifying inner peace. WHEN THERE IS NO SHALLOW
TV-BLABBERING, neither fête nor formalities and no
desensitized design object to distract us, we will be
led to a very intimate encounter:

a liaison with ourselves.



Sustainability is our mantra, and so we do as the French: only one 'menu du jour' in the evenings but that comes with such pure, luxurious ingredients as passion, freshness, organic grown foods and lots of time.

Now here’s a choice to make for you nevertheless: will it be the gourmet full board or the low carb calory burner 'Schlanke Tanne'?





So much more...




Simply enjoying food

An evening out with culinary thrills à la Tannerhof. Or an added delight if you are staying as a hotel guest. 

The POOL restaurant