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Low Carb Love

'Schlanke Tanne' translates into something like 'The Slender Fir'…
and is your choice of diet if

  • you're opting for a rather more modest food intake.
  • you're aiming at loosing one or the other kilo whilst setting up a sensible nutrition adjustment.
  • you're looking for a strategy after fasting to avoid the jo-jo effect.

Low carb / high pleasure

The Schlanke Tanne means pausing on bread, carbohydrates or sweets and enjoying all the more veg, salad, (not-so-many) fruits and a good portion of quality PROTEINS at each meal. Leaves you equally satiate and satisfied, boosts your metabolism and promotes MUSCLE build-up...

Tune the intensity. We offer two 'Schlanke Tanne' models, equally tempting but varying in their carbohydrate and fat percentage; so it is your choice of either the power fatburner or establishing an intelligent new long-term nutrition.

Intermediate fasting

is a super enhancement of the Schlanke Tanne. Following the so-called 16:8 formula you only eat within 8 hours and strictly stick to drinking low or zero calory drinks like water, tea and the occasional coffee or espresso for the other 16 hours. What happens? Well, research has it that a 16h pause has similar positive effects as normal fasting, for instance Autophagy or fatburning stimulation...

Intermediate fasting at the Tannerhof means you go without breakfast and replace that by drinking a lot. The 3-course-lunch is your first solid food of the day – something to look forward to. For dinner you my choose two courses instead of one.

We would like to point out…


that the Schlanke Tanne concept focusses on a happy and satisfying culinary life. It is not at all about chewing on one little lettuce leaf and weeping at the memories of bygone opulence.

A sustainable revamping of nutrition habits can only succeed when culinary enjoyment is put in the front instead of thinking abstinence.